Cut Off Point & Cut Off Time | Borobudur Marathon 2019

Cut Off Point & Cut Off Time

Cut Off Point and Cut Off Time has been regulated since Borobudur Marathon 2018. By understanding it, you can finish with your best time.

Cut Off Point

Cut Off Point is a location point in the race route, which must be passed by all participants in certain categories within a predetermined time limit.

Marathon (42K) KM 21 (4 hours)
KM 35 (6 hours)
Half Marathon (21K) KM 15 (3 hours)

Cut Off Time

Cut Off Time is the longest time limit for participants to complete all distance of the race by passing at the end of the race route (finish line).

Marathon (42K) 7 hours
Half Marathon (21K) 4 hours
10K 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Cut Off Point (COP) is a point where all runners need to pass within a certain time limit.

In Borobudur Marathon 2019, we will enforce COP in Marathon and Half Marathon categories. Therefore, Marathon & Half Marathon participants who arrive at any of the COPs after the specified time limits mentioned above, will be stopped from the race and escorted to the race center using a special vehicle provided by committee.

All participants who are subject to Cut Off Points and Cut Off Time are declared as not completing the race and are not entitled to get the finisher medal, and/or the finisher tee.

  • In line with “Synergy & Harmony” theme, the success of Borobudur Marathon is inseparable from the role of all participants, organizers, and local residents.
    Borobudur Marathon using public roads for the route. Therefore, when used the road will be very sterile. However, it cannot be closed for too long so that residents can remain comfortable using public roads. When each point is complete, the community can use the road again.
  • Safety of all runners.
    It is expected that with the COP, it can make runners to practice harder, not force themselves and can run comfortably.