Frequently Asked Questions Bank Jateng Friendship Run • Borobudur Marathon 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022

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General Information

Borobudur Marathon 2022 Powered by Bank Jateng presented Bank Jateng Friendship Run for everyone who wants to run surrounded by remarkable spirit at Borobudur Marathon. Witnessing the fusion of cultures and enjoying the culinary specialties of Magelang. Register now so you can have fun with family and friends at Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022!

  • Semarang: Sunday, August 21st 2022
  • Jakarta: Sunday, September 11th 2022
  • Medan: Sunday, September, 25th 2022
  • Makassar: Sunday , October 9th 2022

Registration fee for Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 is IDR 100,000/person/city.

You can register only through My Borobudur Marathon application.

There are two payment methods, Bank Jateng virtual accounts and by credit cards.

A. Payment via Bank Jateng ATM

  • Enter BPD/ ATM Card Bank Jateng and PIN Number
  • Select the “Transfer” menu
  • Select the “To Bank Jateng” menu
  • Enter the billing id code
  • Select “Continue”
  • Pay attention to the amount and details of the request
  • Select “Pay” to make payment
  • Select “Savings Account”
  • Transaction is successful and ATM will print proof of payment

B. Payment via iBanking Bank Jateng

  • Login to Bank Jateng ibanking at
  • Register the VA Number for payment on the “Transfer” menu then the ” Destination Account Registration” sub menu
  • Select the “Transfer” menu then the “Bank Jateng Transfer” sub menu
  • Enter Destination Account Number as registered
  • Enter the nominal according to the amount to be paid
  • Show payment inquiry to verify data accuracy
  • Enter OTP (SMS) to continue transaction
  • Notification of the successful payment appears, proof of transaction can be printed
  • Get a successful payment confirmation email after the transaction is complete from Borobudur Marathon

C. Through other Banks (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM)

  • Enter ATM or login to Mobile Banking/Internet Banking
  • Select the “Transfer” menu
  • Select the “Interbank” menu
  • Select Bank BPD Jateng/Bank Jateng then Input Code 88 + billing id or
  • Enter bank code 113 + VA number Payment / billing id then press “Continue”
  • Input Nominal according to the nominal amount to be paid
  • Show payment inquiry to verify data accuracy
  • Select “Pay” to make payment
  • The transaction is successful and the proof of payment will appear

The payment deadline is 1×24 hours from the time you complete the event registration.

Race package that runners will get contains a running jersey, bib number, refreshment and Pawone meal coupon.

Your name on the bib number will only be printed if you complete the payment during event registration, maximum 7 days before the event date.

If you complete the payment after the specified time limit, you will receive bib number without name.

Participants of Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 will get a finisher scarf after completing the run.

Before the race day, instructions for race pack collection details will be sent through email that has been registered or can be accessed on the transaction page in the application.

Participants are required to show the registration QR Code when picking up the race pack.

Refreshment for all participants is mineral water, isotonic, fruit and culinary from Pawone.

Yes you’re able to register for 4 cities.

You need to register and pay through My Borobudur Marathon application for each city.

Please take a noted that registration cannot be done directly in one process for all four cities.

Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 will start at 6.30am in each city.

Race central of event venue will be open at5-11am for Semarang, Jakarta and Medan, and 5-11am WITA for Makassar.

Yes, there will be bag deposit tent at Race Central.

Yes, there will be parking area during event. Detailed information will be attached via email together with race pack collection information.

For more information, you can access our official website

Or if you have any questions regarding event, please contact