Frequently Asked Questions • Borobudur Marathon 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this page before contacting us. The question you wanted to ask might be answered in list below.

General Information

Public registration will be open on 25th September 2020. Keep an eye on the Borobudur Marathon social media accounts for the latest news.

Participants can run in their neigborhood areas using a tracker application that is connected to the Borobudur Marathon system.

Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 will be held on 15th – 30th November 2020

Anyone can register as a participant, both Indonesian citizens and foreigners have the same opportunity.

Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 is free of charge.

As a finisher, you will get a special patch made by collaboration between Borobudur Marathon and UMKM in Magelang.

All participants who have completed Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 by the applicable terms and conditions.

You can’t. You can only register once, one category with one identity.

Marathon: maximum of 4 activities

Half Marathon: maximum of 3 activities

10K: maximum of 2 activities

Friendship Run: maximum of 1 activity

Information regarding trackers application will be further informed through the official Borobudur Marathon’s website and social media.

No, each participant can only connect 1 tracker for completing Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020.

All Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 finisher will receive the same finisher entitlement

You will receive a confirmation email  from Borobudur Marathon after completing the registration.

Your finisher entitlement will be sent to shipping address you have registered.

Delivery will be made after the event is done. Information regarding delivery times will be informed through Borobudur Marathon’s website and social media.

Virtual Challenge Information


Registration Borobudur Virtual Marathon Challenge 2020 has been closed

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account using the registered email account.
  3. Select Virtual Challenge 2020 menu
  4. Choose your preferred activity tracker you want to connect.
  5. Follow the instructions shown on the website.


You can use Strava / NRC / Endomondo / Runtastic / Runkeeper activity tracker app, as long as those app has been connected and synchronized to your Google Fit.

  1. Make sure that Google fit is installed on your mobile device
  2. On iOS-based devices, Google Fit must be connected with Health app to get data from the activity tracking app you are using.
  3. See links provided below to learn on how to connect your preferred activity tracker app with Health app.
  • NRC App 

  • Strava App 

  • Endomondo App 

  • Runtastic App 

  • Runkeeper App 

When your activity tracker app already connected to Health app, data from activity tracker app will be automatically synchronized to your Google Fit, which also already connected to Health app.

General instructions on how to connect various apps with Google Fit, can be found at this link:

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account using the registered email account.
  3. Under “Virtual Challenge” menu, click “Your Activity” sub-menu.
  4. Your list of activity will be shown here.

Your activity data will be recorded as soon as you have successfully connected your activity tracker to your Borobudur Marathon account, but only activity data recorded within the challenge period (15 November 2020 00.00 hour until 30 November 2020 23.59 hour) that are eligible for Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020.

There are several possible reasons which can cause that behavior:

  1. Based on our observations, synchronization processes between activity trackers will take at least 1 x 24 hours, or even more. Please wait until the process is complete and/or check back your account regularly.
  2. Different behavior due to each device system settings can also affect data synchronization processes.
  3. Make sure your activity tracker privacy settings are not in private mode.
  4. Activity distance is less than 100 meter.
  5. Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge system has a validation process using certain parameters to ensure that activity data is indeed a running activity. If for any reason the particular data did not pass the validation process, it cannot be used to complete the Virtual Challenge, and will not be shown at your Borobudur Marathon account.

Yes and No.

For these categories, you are allowed to submit several activities to complete the challenge:

  • Marathon: max of 4 activities
  • Half Marathon: max of 3 activities
  • 10K: max of 2 activities


For the Friendship Run category, you have to complete it with 1 (one) activity.

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account using the registered email account.
  3. Go to “Your Activity” menu.
  4. Choose one or more running activity data you wish to review
  5. Click “Submit Data”
  6. A pop-up window will appear stating you have chosen one or more activities for reviews.
  7. Click “Yes” and you will be directed to the “Submit Activity” page.
  8. At “Submit Activity” page, you will have the opportunity to review again, and confirm one or several activities to complete Borobudur Virtual Marathon 2020 according to your registered category:
    • Marathon: max 4 activities
    • Half Marathon: max 3 activities
    • 10K: max 2 activities
    • Friendship run: max 1 activity
      Click the “Confirm” button at the activity you want to confirm, and click “Yes” on the pop-up notification to ensure you are choosing the correct activity data.
  1. Done.

Please note that activity data that has been confirmed at point 8, cannot be changed. Make sure you have chosen and carefully review it before you agree to confirm the data.

No, you can’t.

Confirmed activity data at the “Submit Activity” page cannot be changed for any reason. Please carefully review the data before final confirmation.

You may adjust your next activity distance accordingly so that you can finish Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 according to your registered race category.


There is a 1 (one) KM excess distance allowed for all categories.

For example, if you are registered in the Marathon category, then the allowed total distance will be 43,195 KM.


Any activities before your activity tracker connected with your Borobudur Marathon account will not be eligible for Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020.

As long as the particular activity tracker can be connected with Google Fit, and its activity data properly recorded in Google Fit journal, and also you have confirmed that its activity data recorded and shown properly at “Your Activity” page at your Borobudur Marathon account, then the particular activity tracker can be used.

One of the advantages of Google Fit is it can be synced with plenty activity tracker applications.

Please note that for Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020, we can only recommend you to use Garmin, NRC, Strava, Endomondo, Runtastic, and Runkeeper.

Yes, you may connect both Google Fit and Garmin Connect to your account.

Please note that should there be more than one activity overlapping within the same period of time, the system will do a filtering process so that there will only be 1 (one) activity shown at “Your Activity” page in your Borobudur Marathon account.

If your activity data is still located at “Your Activity page at the time you click the “Disconnect” button, it will be lost. However, if your activity data is already at “Submit Activity”, it will remain there and you can still use it for final confirmation to complete the Virtual Challenge.

Should you reconnect the activity tracker at the Virtual Challenge page, the system will treat it as a new connection, and your previous activity data will not be shown in “Your Activity” page.

It can be done, but highly NOT RECOMMENDED.

An activity tracker account will be connected permanently with a particular Borobudur Marathon account and cannot be changed.

If you accidentally clicked on the “Disconnect” button, you can reconnect using the same activity tracker account which has been previously connected.

Any request to change the connected activity tracker account will not be entertained for any reason.


Activities which are manually recorded at your activity method are not eligible for Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020.

Those activity data will not be made available at your Activity Page in your Borobudur Marathon account.

Running period start on Sunday, 15 November 2020 at 00.00 WIB (GMT +7)  and will end on Monday, 30 November 2020 at 23.59 WIB (GMT +7)

You can start running anytime you feel comfortable for running, as long as it is still within the running period stated above.

Please note that the running period timing will be based on Western Indonesia Time (WIB) or GMT +7

Data correction can be done by submitting a data correction request using contact form at our website.

In the contact form, use “Data Correction” as the subject. At the description field, include your REGISTRATION CODE, what data need to be corrected, and the updated data for correction.

Attach your identity document used during the registration process, for data verification purposes.

Data correction, especially identity number and name, must be the same with the provided identity document.

Special note for correspondence address and also shipping address for Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 purposes, please double check the address carefully, as incorrect address can lead to undelivered package shipment and Borobudur Marathon cannot be held responsible for this matter.

Email address data cannot be changed.

Go to the login page using this link:, click “Forgot Password?” button, and follow the instructions given on your screen.


Make sure that the connection process between activity tracker and/or connection process with your Borobudur Marathon account has been conducted properly.


On the “Virtual Challenge” page in your Borobudur Marathon account, you can get your bib number by clicking the “Download BIB” button, after you successfully connected your activity tracker app.