Frequently Asked Questions • Borobudur Marathon 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this page before contacting us. The question you wanted to ask might be answered in list below.

General Information

Public registration will be open on 25th September 2020. Keep an eye on the Borobudur Marathon social media accounts for the latest news.

Participants can run in their neigborhood areas using a tracker application that is connected to the Borobudur Marathon system.

Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 will be held on 15th – 20th November 2020

Anyone can register as a participant, both Indonesian citizens and foreigners have the same opportunity.

Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 is free of charge.

As a finisher, you will get a special patch made by collaboration between Borobudur Marathon and UMKM in Magelang.

All participants who have completed Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 by the applicable terms and conditions.

You can’t. You can only register once, one category with one identity.

Marathon: maximum of 4 activities

Half Marathon: maximum of 3 activities

10K: maximum of 2 activities

Friendship Run: maximum of 1 activity

Information regarding trackers application will be further informed through the official Borobudur Marathon’s website and social media.

No, each participant can only connect 1 tracker for completing Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020.

All Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 finisher will receive the same finisher entitlement

You will receive a confirmation email  from Borobudur Marathon after completing the registration.

Your finisher entitlement will be sent to shipping address you have registered.

Delivery will be made after the event is done. Information regarding delivery times will be informed through Borobudur Marathon’s website and social media.