Race Preparation Tips | Borobudur Marathon 2019

Race Preparation Tips


  • Fuel up
    Load yourself with nutritional and healthy food.
  • Hydrate
    Make sure to hydrate yourself well.
  • Warm up
    Always warm up and stretch before running.
  • Sleep early
    Rest well and get enough sleep before running.
  • Dress for success
    Wear your most comfortable clothes for running.
  • Cool your jets
    Run with your own pace.
  • Have your mantra!
    Motivate yourself with your own mantra.
  • Trust & believe in yourself
    You can do this, you only need to believe in you!
  • Never forget to enjoy the cultural run!
    Enjoy the cultural run at Borobudur Marathon 2019


Blue Line

In addition to enforcing COT and COP with discipline and firmness, Borobudur Marathon also applies for a blue line. Blue line is depicted along the marathon route to show runners the fastest and most efficient route to the finish line. Things you should know from the blue line:

  • Blue line is mostly only made for marathon distance routes.
  • The main function of the blue line is to guide runners to run according to the specified route and the distance that has been verified, which is 42,195 kilometers. So, if you run later following the blue line, the distance will be according to the standard.
  • It motivates runners and road users to try running a marathon on a measured and certified route.
  • Blue line is often used in big world marathons. For Indonesia, Borobudur Marathon is the first marathon race that uses a blue line to guide the runners since 2018.