Race Day | Borobudur Marathon 2019


17 November 2019


Lumbini Park
Borobudur Temple
Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia

Race Day

Further details will be updated soon.

Flag Off Time

Marathon (42K) 05.00 WIB (GMT+7)
Half Marathon (21K) 05.30 WIB (GMT+7)
10K 06.00 WIB (GMT+7)

Event Program

03.30 WIB Race Central open for public
04.15 WIB Corral Start open
04.30 WIB Warming up
05.00 WIB Marathon (42K): Start
05.10 WIB Marathon (42K): Start limit
05.30 WIB Half Marathon (21K): Start
05.40 WIB Half Marathon (21K): Start limit
06.00 WIB 10K: Start
06.10 WIB 10K: Start limit
06.31 WIB First 10K finisher
06.36 WIB First Half Marathon (21K) finisher
07.07 WIB First Marathon (42K) finisher
07.30 WIB Entertainment starts
08.00 WIB Cut Off Time 10K
08.30 WIB Cut Off Point Half Marathon (21K) at KM 15
09.00 WIB Cut Off Point Marathon (42K) at KM 21
09.30 WIB Cut Off Time Half Marathon (21K)
10.00 WIB Winners presentation
11.00 WIB Door prize
11.00 WIB Cut Off Point Marathon (42K) at KM 35
12.00 WIB Cut Off Time Marathon (42K)
13.00 WIB Bag deposit closed

Race Village

Race village provides a variety of entertainment and booths that can be enjoyed by runners and visitors.
From culinary, craft, sports equipment & accessories, and more!

Further details will be updated soon.

Traffic Information

Further details will be updated soon.

Traffic Information

Road Closure

Regarding route sterilization, several roads will be closed starting at 04.45 WIB. Runners are expected to arrive early, so you can prepare themselves well and be able to join Borobudur Marathon smoothly.

Road Name Time
Door 8 – Jalan Medang Kemulan 04.45 – 06.30 WIB
Jalan Pramudya Wardani – Traditional Market 04.45 – 06.50 WIB
Jalan Syailendra 04.45 – 07.10 WIB
Jalan Kampung Ngudiharjo 04.45 – 07.30 WIB
Jalan Badrawati 04.00 – 07.50 WIB
Jalan Ngaran Lor – Jalan Kalangan 04.45 – 08.00 WIB
Jalan Brojonalan – Jalan Candi Pawon 05.00 – 08.00 WIB
Jalan Soekarno-Hatta 05.30 – 08.20 WIB
Jalan Mayor Unus 05.30 – 08.30 WIB
Jalan Tegal Mulyo 05.30 – 08.50 WIB

Parking Locations

Available parking locations:

Borobudur Temple Compounds (Capacity: 400 Cars) Open: 02.00 WIB
Close: 04.00 WIB
Lapangan Kujon (Capacity: 150 Cars)
Lapangan Dr. Soepardi Sawitan Magelang (Capacity: 50 Cars) Open: 04.00 WIB
Close: 04.30 WIB


  • Shuttle bus from parking location to venue will be available. Please refer to Shuttle Bus page for more information and schedule.
  • Due to run course sterilization, some road will be closed from 04.30 WIB to 12.00 WIB.
  • Car Sticker will be available at Race Pack Collection venue for the participant’s vehicle to get lane priority on the day event