Terms & Conditions Bank Jateng Friendship Run • Borobudur Marathon 2022

Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022

Terms & Conditions

All registrants are required to read and understand these rules & regulations (“Terms & Conditions”) before registering for the Borobudur Marathon 2022 (“Race”). Please note that participants refer to those whose name and identity are recorded in the official entry confirmation e-mail of the Borobudur Marathon 2022, which confirms the participation of such participants in the Borobudur Marathon 2022 throughout the Ballot Registration, Bank Jateng Program or other programs from Borobudur Marathon including those who obtain invitation and free slot from Borobudur Marathon (“Participant/Participants”).

I. General

    1. Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 is a 5 KM run event that is open to public and is a separate event from Borobudur Marathon Elite Race & Bank Jateng Tilik Candi. Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 series of events will be held on:
      • Semarang
        Sunday, August 21, 2022 (“Event Day”)
      • Jakarta
        Sunday, September 11, 2022 (“Event Day”)
      • Medan
        Sunday, September 25, 2022 (“Event Day”)
      • Makassar
        Sunday, October 9, 2022 (“Event Day”)

      Participants must make sure they have chosen the correct city when registering for Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022.

    2. Participants must follow and implement all the terms and conditions of Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 that set by the organizer, including those submitted and/or announced separately by any media, after participants have confirmed their participation.
    3. Registration for the event is open to both Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals holding KITAS.
    4. The minimum age requirement to be able to participate as a participant in this event is 10 (ten) years old on the Event Day. Participants who at the date of the event, are not yet 17 (seventeen) years old, are required to submit a Parental Permit at the time of collection of the event package. Parental Permit Format can be downloaded HERE.
    5. Children under 10 (ten) years old are not considered Participants. Thus they will not be entitled to runner entitlements such as bib numbers, drinks, and must be accompanied by their parents.
    6. Children under the age of 10 (ten) years old may follow their parents (who are participants) and are permitted to use a baby stroller, baby carrier, or special stroller for running.
    7. Committee will not be responsible for costs, expenses, or losses of any kind, caused by the following:
      • Congenital disease;
      • Accident while participating in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022;
      • Loss and/or damage to their personal property while participating in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022; and/or
      • Diseases due to Covid-19 virus infection while participating in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022
    8. Participants are advised to seek medical advice from a doctor regarding the participant’s health condition before participating in the event. Participants acknowledge and accept that their participation in the event carries potential risks and dangers, including but not limited to accidents, physical injuries, health problems, paralysis, death, damage to property and/or other losses, as well as other risks that are not known previously and which are currently these cannot be reasonably predicted (“risks and hazards”). Risks and hazards may occur due to the participant’s actions or omissions, or the actions or omissions of other people, and/or the condition of the facilities and/or equipment and natural and/or weather conditions and/or force majeure conditions (as defined below).
    9. Committee strongly encourage women who are pregnant to consult a doctor before participating in the event. Committee is not responsible for any complications, health problems and/or any other risks and dangers that may arise from participating in the event during pregnancy.

II. Implementation & Participation

  1. The maximum time for participants to run is 70 minutes from the start time, after passing the set time, committee will trace the run course from start to finish, to ensure participant safety.
  2. Participants must have complete 3 (three) doses of vaccinations and able to present proof of complete Covid-19 vaccination as one of the requirements for participation in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 event.
  3. Failure to present proof of complete (3 doses) Covid-19 vaccination can be used as a basis for cancellation of participation in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022.
  4. Participants must follow the health protocols set by the committee during Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 series of events including, but not limited to, physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands with soap, and using hand sanitizers. Participants who do not comply with or violate the health protocol set by the organizers, based on the full discretion of the organizers, will be discontinued, and will not be allowed to take part in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022.
  5. The registration fee is non-refundable. Committee has the right to cancel registrants who have received confirmation if it is incorrect, false, and/or incomplete information in the registration form.
  6. Each participant will be given a bib number which is an unique personal identification to the participant, and may not be exchanged, transferred, and/or transferred in any way. In the event, for a participant exchanges, transfers, and/or transfers his bib number, will be subject to disqualification from participation in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022.
  7. The bib number must be placed on the front of the competitor’s body and clearly visible during the run, from the time the participant crosses the starting line until the participant crosses the finish line.
  8. Marshaling will be conducted during the event to ensure the Rules & Conditions are complied with.

III. Others

  1. Other matters related to the terms and conditions of participation in Bank Jateng Friendship Run 2022 can be modified and added at any time by the organizers. These modification and/or additions will be informed to participants by the organizer. Participants must regularly check the terms and conditions that apply on Borobudur Marathon 2022 website, on the Friendship Run event page.
  2. Committee of the Friendship Run event will not be liable for any harm and/or loss caused by the following, including but not limited to:
    • Occurrence of Risks and Hazards;
    • Arrive late at the Event;
    • Force majeure (as defined below)
  3. Committee reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Event in the event of force majeure (as defined below). If the event is canceled and/or rescheduled due to force majeure (as defined below), committee is not obliged to refund the registration fee that has been paid to the participant and committee is not responsible for any risks and dangers that may occur in connection with the cancellation and /or reschedule events. Please note that force majeure is a state or condition of war (whether declared or not), violence, social unrest, strikes, epidemics, accidents, fires, floods, natural disasters, embargoes, legal reasons, or acts of the government of the Republic of Indonesia, and conditions/conditions other similar events that may occur beyond the ability of committee to prevent.