Borobudur Marathon 2022: "Stronger to Victory"


Our resilience has been tested by going through challenging years. The challenges we have faced introduce us to stronger versions of ourselves.

Borobudur Marathon welcomes back runners to spread the spirit of stronger to victory with the people of Magelang. This year at the Borobudur Marathon, we share the journey to victory.

Cultivate New Seeds

Not only a meeting point for runners from all over Indonesia, but Borobudur Marathon also participates in developing talented young athletes in the age range of 17-20 years. They will be trained to participate in Borobudur Marathon and other national competitions in the future.

Be Inspired to Inspire

We have shown various struggles in the past few years. Now is the time for us to form togetherness at the Borobudur Marathon. Together with all runners, we will spread the spirit of persistence not only for Magelang but throughout Indonesia.

Lelampah, Pinuju, Menang

This past few years have been a year full of challenges and struggles for all of us. As a result, individual and group resilience was tested in a new and unprecedented way.


Borobudur Marathon invites you, the warriors, to celebrate the resilience and tenacity we have shown in a familiar place with togetherness: Magelang.


Let’s become stronger and achieve victory together at Borobudur Marathon.

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