Borobudur Marathon 2023: "Voice of Unity"


Now is the moment for us to return, working together to strengthen our faith.
Unite to voicing victory.

Borobudur Marathon 2023 Powered by Bank Jateng once again welcomes runners
to unite and voice the spirit with the people of Magelang.
This year, let us inspire one another through the voice of unity.

Creating Friendship

As a gathering point for runners, Borobudur Marathon will serve as a venue for runners and the general public to share their triumphs, thoughts, and concerns. This togetherness can eventually always be engraved in bonds of friendship.

Community Collaboration

The spirit of unity will not escape the collaboration that exists between communities. This is the ideal opportunity for us to create a collaboration at the Borobudur Marathon. Along with other runners, we will raise the voice of unity not just for Magelang, but for Indonesia as a whole.

Swara Manunggal

This year is a witness that we all can overcome adversity
This struggle is strongly intertwined with each other’s passion in inspiring one another.


Borobudur Marathon 2022 Powered by Bank Jateng invites you warriors,
to celebrate and voice the resilience we have shown in a familiar place with togetherness,
the place that we called Magelang.


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