Borobudur Marathon 2021: "Symphony of Energy"


Borobudur Marathon is a collaboration platform between runners, organizers, and Magelang citizens resulting in a beautiful composition made of symphony of energy.

Inspired by the spirit of togetherness, Borobudur Marathon encourages every individual who’s involved in the event to move forward together, inspire each other, and eventually create a meaningful impact in Magelang.

Sports Reimagined

In the midst of unprecedented times like these, Borobudur Marathon offers a new experience of holding a running event in Magelang. Runners who have the opportunity to explore the city directly will ignite optimism of the locals to march forward, while at the same time inspire other runners in other cities to start moving. This resilient-filled energy will lead us to a better change.

Celebrate Togetherness

Javanese culture values togetherness like no other. Feel this persevering spirit when you explore the Borobudur Temple and Magelang, as well as when you run your own best route wherever that may be.

Saiyeg, Saeka, Praya

Borobudur Marathon embodies the spirit of moving together, although apart, which inspires the locals. Through this collective energy, a better, impactful, and sustainable change will prevail.

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