It’s inevitable that the pandemic, which has been going on for almost two years now, drives the digital transformation in our lives. Borobudur Marathon is no exception, as the race organizer continues to find new ways for runners to experience the excitement of running in Magelang, Central Java.

One of the things that they did was introducing Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge (BMVC) in August 2021. The virtual running event encourages participants to run as far as 21.097 kilometers, better known as half marathon, from 31 August to 14 September 2021. The registration opened between 24 and 27 August, where 2,000 enthusiastic runners successfully signed up for this event. During the event period, they can do it in one go or divide the distance into a maximum of three runs. By any means, this is a great way to get people moving.

If you participate in this virtual running event, make sure to pay attention to four important things below:

1. Use the My Borobudur Marathon App

My Borobudur Marathon App is another innovation specifically made for BMVC. The app is free and available both for iOS and Android users. All registered runners in BMVC virtual running event must use My Borobudur Marathon app for tracking purposes, and submitting their running activities before the period ends. In addition, the app is meant to answer the runners who are longing to run the Borobudur Marathon.

2. Make your own route

One particularly interesting thing about BMVC is that it encourages runners to find the best route or make their own route to have a similar thrill when they toe the starting line in Borobudur Marathon.

3. Prepare yourself

Enough rest and eating may sound simple, but it does have important roles for runners to finish strong at this virtual running event and it helps to avoid injuries. With a sound mind and body, conquering the half marathon distance in BMVC will get easier.

4. Be careful and obey health protocols

Considering the times that we’re in right now, runners are advised to conduct BMVC individually, as well as obeying health protocols and regulations in their respected areas especially on maintaining social distance.

There will be a time when we’re all gathering in Magelang, Central Java. Running together through the paddy fields, villages, with majestic views from Borobudur Temple and Magelang surrounding us along the route. Until then, let’s keep our spirits united in the virtual event that is Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge.