Frequently Asked Questions Saveduit Bank Jateng • Borobudur Marathon 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Save Duit by Bank Jateng

Please refer to this page before contacting us. The question you wanted to ask might be answered in list below.

Saveduit Information

Yes, if you choose to participate Saveduit Bank Jateng Tilik Candi 2022 program, then you must own a Tabungan Bima account or you may proceed a new account at the nearest Bank Jateng office branch.

No, Bank Jateng only proceed new account on office branches.

Please visit our Customer Service at the nearest branches across Central Java, Yogyakarta, or Jakarta. 

For more information, you may contact Bank Jateng Call Center 14066.

All Indonesian citizens with minimum age of 17 years and have an ID card.

The minimum balance requirement for registering the program is Rp1.300.000, – (one million three hundred thousand rupiahs), any amount below need to make a top up balance prior registering.

Please use Bank Jateng’s internet banking by log on to to make real time online transaction.

All customer needs to make sure that the mobile phone number matched with registered number on Bank Jateng system, if there any change, please visit nearby branches to make an adjustment.

For further step please click to watch the video tutorial here.

Participants who have successfully registered on My Borobudur Marathon application and selected Saveduit transaction will receive a Saveduit number via email/sms or My Borobudur Marathon application to continue the transaction process on the Bank Jateng transaction channel (ATM or Bank Jateng Ibanking).

Yes, when you have successfully made the Saveduit transaction through Bank Jateng transaction channel, you will automatically get Bank Jateng Tilik Candi 2022 slot.

Runners will receive a confirmation email that will be used to register in the My Borobudur Marathon application. Inside will attached proof of registration along with complete instructions for Bank Jateng Tilik Candi 2022 after successfully the banking transaction process.

No, you may not make any transaction upon the locked up/blocked funds until the agreement period ends.

The locked-up funds will still be deducted from administrative fees for savings products and ATM card products.

For further information, please access the Tabungan Bima product page: click here.

Participants can change their registration from regular ballot to Saveduit Bank Jateng program. When participant has completed Saveduit payment process, the submission status in regular ballot will be automatically cancelled.


The deadline for completing Saveduit payment process is until July 23, 2022. 

As long as you have not completed your Saveduit payment, your regular ballot registration is still valid. You can wait for the ballot announcement on July 24 – July 31 2022.

Saveduit program quota is limited. if the quota runs out, you will automatically unable to proceed Saveduit payment.