Bank Jateng Young Talent 2023 • Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2024

Bank Jateng Young Talent Program

Bank Jateng Young Talent is a fundamental step from committe of Borobudur Marathon to harness the potential and build the ecosystem for young athletes aged 15-18 from all regions of Indonesia who have been identified as talented and are poised to compete in the 10K running category.

This program is not only to discover and nurture outstanding athletic talent in Indonesia but also to demonstrate that young athletes can compete at the national level, such as the Borobudur Marathon.

Rules & Regulations

Bank Jateng Young Talent Program

  • Participant must be 15 – 18 years old on the day of race
  • Must be part of an athletic club from any region in Indonesia
  • Should have coach/trainer that involved in their training process
  • Must have previously participated in at least a regional-level competition
  • Medical Director of Borobudur Marathon 2023
  • Coach & Psychologist Partner of Borobudur Marathon 2023
  • Initiator of Borobudur Marathon 2023
  1. Registration and stage one selection (through introduction video), there will be available to 20 selected people.
  2. Stage two selection (through boot camp), after passing stage one 10 people were selected.
  • Opportunity to compete in the Borobudur Marathon 2023 Powered by Bank Jateng, with full facilities including transportation, accommodation, and meals.
  • Cash prizes for the podium winners in the Bank Jateng Young Talent 10K running category.
  • Training support facilities for the athletic clubs fostering Young Talent.