Terms & Conditions Saveduit Bank Jateng • Borobudur Marathon 2023

Terms & Conditions

Saveduit x Borobudur Marathon 2022 Program

A. Requirements

  1. Participants are registrants for Saveduit Bank Jateng Tilik Candi program through My Borobudur Marathon application, and have completed the following steps :
    • Completed runner’s personal data and registration form.
    • Participants receive Saveduit number via email/ SMS/ My Borobudur Marathon application.
    • Proceed with Saveduit Number transaction process through ATM/ Internet Banking of Bank Jateng by first having a Tabungan Bima account at Bank Jateng.
  2. Transaction process with Saveduit Number can only be done by Tabungan Bima, customer of Bank Jateng.
  3. Participants are customers who already have a BPD ATM Card (any type) and Bank Jateng Internet banking.
  4. Participants are customers who have a minimum balance of IDR 1.300.000 (one million three hundred thousand rupiah).
  5. The balance of funds in the account will be accommodated in the amount of IDR 1.000.000 (one million rupiah) as locked funds and returned when the period expires.
  6. Runners are customers who can access Bank Jateng service offices located across Central Java, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta areas.

B. Term & Conditions

The customer hereby reads, understands, and consciously agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. One bank account for 1 (one) runner.
  2. All transactions must be completed throughout Bank Jateng ATMs and iBanking and consciously agree and perform a balance lock-up on Bank Jateng accounts.
  3. y making transactions on Bank Jateng channel (Bank Jateng ATM, and Bank Jateng Ibanking), the customer consciously instructs the Bank to perform :
    Lock a balance of IDR 1.000.000 (one million rupiahs) in a personal account according to the provisions in the account with an agreed term of 12 (twelve) months and cannot be transferred or withdrawn until the lock period expires. The locked balance will be subject to a savings administration fee according to the terms and conditions of the service product.
  4. The locked balance can only be checked for data through Customer Service at the nearest Bank Jateng office and is also accessible through Ibanking.bankjateng.co.id.
  5. Participants are allowed data access by Bank Jateng as Customer Data/ Prospective Bank Jateng customers and accounts that have made transactions will enjoy savings product services in accordance with the provisions of Bank Jateng’s service products. Disclaimer : All user personal information and other account information are kept confidential by Bank Jateng in accordance with applicable laws in Indonesia and the Bank’s internal policies.
  6. The customer consciously admits the blocked account number as a blocking account/locking savings balance, and cannot sue Bank Jateng for blocking transactions that have been carried out through Bank Jateng ATMs and Bank Jateng Ibanking.
  7. In case of blocked funds withdrawal, partially or completely, prior the expiration of locking due date, Customer will be subject to a fine of IDR 1,000,000 (one million rupiahs) / runner and at the same time authorizes Bank Jateng to debit the account above is in the amount of a fine set by Bank Jateng.
  8. Customers who have completed the lock-up transaction have agreed to the program terms and conditions.
  9. For further information, please contact the Bank Jateng call center at call center number 14066.
  10. If Borobudur Marathon 2022 event cannot be carried out due to government regulations or because the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended and if Borobudur Marathon committee agrees to refund all runner registration fees that have been obtained, then Bank Jateng will waive fines and a period of blocking for the account holder who has done a lock-up.

C. Deposit Fund Creation

  • Bank Jateng ATM
    1. Insert the BPD Card into the Bank Jateng ATM machine;
    2. Select the “Purchase” menu;
    3. Select the “More” menu;
    4. Enter the Borobudur Marathon purchase menu; Select “Continue”;
    5. Enter the Saveduit Number into billing code column, and select “correct”
    6. Transaction in Process;
    7. Pay attention to the nominal and the details of the request.
    8. Select “Pay”;
    9. The transaction has been successful, the receipt is issued;
    10. Done
    11. Your balance lock has been successful;
  • Bank Jateng Ibanking
    1. Login at ibanking.bankjateng.co.id
    2. Select the purchase menu
    3. Select the “Reward Ticket” menu
    4. Enter the Saveduit Reward Purchase form
    5. Enter the Saveduit Number into the Billing ID column
    6. Select Next
    7. Pay attention to the nominal and the details of the request
    8. Enter Pin (SMS)/OTP (SMS)
    9. Select “process”
    10. a successful reward purchase notification is issued.
    11. Done
    12. Your balance lock your has been successful

D. Confirm Blocked Status

  1. Keep the proof of transaction.
    Receipt from Bank Jateng ATM or screenshot of Bank Jateng ibanking.
  2. Through Bank Jateng Customer Service
    Come to the nearest Bank Jateng office with the Savings Book and BPD Card.
  3. Through Ibanking Bank Jateng

    1. Login to ibanking.bankjateng.co.id
    2. Select the “account information” menu;
    3. Select the menu “mutation balance”;
    4. Select “details”
    5. Look at the column “Block balance”;
    6. The blocked balance will be listed;
    7. Done