Injury is a common thing among runners. However, the intensity and seriousness differ from one another – depending on how you manage it, or better yet, prevent it. Runners who are training for a race usually come across this problem. For those of you who are running the Borobudur Marathon 2021 Powered by Bank Jateng, we will give tips to start training for your race so you can avoid being injured and strongly finish the race, be it virtual or offline.

  1. Strengthen your core

Most runners do not take this seriously because they think they only need their legs to keep running. Wrong. It’s only by balancing running and core training, such as plank, push up, and sit up, you can run more ‘efficiently’ and effectively because you are using all the energy stored in your body, not just relying on your legs. Moreover, your body also needs to adjust to your training intensity. You can simply incorporate core training for a few minutes before, after, or during your rest days.

2. Start running slowly

Slowly build your training intensity. Your body needs to adapt as your training intensity increases, and sometimes these things take time. Some muscles need more time to build so you can finally immerse in your training. If you start too fast and too soon, the risk of getting injured is greater.

3. Train your glute muscles

Glute is the most important muscle during our runs. It can do so much, therefore it’s natural for us to train it and compensate for our training that gets more intense. Glute training gets even more important if you spend most of your days sitting in your day job. A sample of glute training that you can incorporate in your overall training includes squat, lunge, and bridges.

4. Use the right shoes

This is the most basic thing that every runner should know. Using the right shoes will minimize the risk of injury. In addition, pay attention to the mileage in your shoes because a high mileage will affect your shoes’ overall performance and prone to cause injury.

5. Look at your past running injury

Taking care and looking after yourself are important to avoid injury during your training. If you can predict and pin point as to why your injury happens, you can take preventive measures to avoid it. Moreover, taking rest days and watching what you eat (nutrition intake) are also significant in your training program.

Some injuries happen for a reason. It could be due to the heavy training, lack of nutrition, or other things. By finding out what causes them and how to manage it, it will be easier for you to face it when the injury happens. If you are running one of the races in Borobudur Marathon 2021, be it Bank Jateng Tilik Candi 2021 or Borobudur Marathon Virtual Challenge 2021, make sure to follow the tips on how to start your race training above.