Borobudur Marathon 2021 Powered by Bank Jateng had a special event to end this year nicely. The Central Java running event was set to hold Borobudur Marathon Elite Race 2021. A total of 42 male and female athletes from Indonesia would run as far as 42.195 kilometers on Saturday, 27 November 2021 at Lumbini Park Complex, Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java.

This year, 16 female athletes and 26 male athletes competed in Borobudur Marathon Elite Race 2021. While there were many newcomers in both categories, there were also familiar names within this distance, such as Agus Prayogo, Triyaningsih, Odekta Naibaho, Betmen Manurung, Asma Bara, and Atjong Tio Nugroho among other names.

Similar to last year, Borobudur Marathon Elite Race 2021 runners lived in a quarantine bubble as part of health & safety protocols as we are not done yet with this pandemic. The head of Borobudur Marathon medical team monitored the athletes’ health condition for two weeks prior to their arrival in Magelang by handing out questionnaires, which were mandatory for the athletes to complete. Before departing their origin cities, they must take the PCR test. Upon their arrival, they should present their vaccination card (at least the first dose), must undertake regular swab tests, and they were quarantined at separate, crowd-free accommodation so they were able to run on 27 November 2021.

What made this year’s Borobudur Marathon Elite Race different was the presence of spectators. Yes, Bank Jateng Tilik Candi 2021 participants got an exclusive chance to watch the elite race live as part of their race package. Sure the atmosphere was different for the athletes compared to last year, thanks to live spectators who would of course adhere to health protocols while attending the race weekend in Magelang.

Dr. Wawan Budisusilo, the medical team representative from Borobudur Marathon, said that the committee really paid attention to issues concerning health, therefore for this year, they would put extra measures in the race venue (Borobudur Temple) and encouraged participants to maintain social distance at the venue.

For those of you who couldn’t witness Borobudur Marathon Elite Race 2021 live, you can head over to Borobudur Marathon social media handles to watch the highlights. For now, we may have been separated by distance and time, but our spirits remain as one to create a symphony of positive energy that can be felt everywhere.